Let your investments work for you!

Authentic Partners Property Management

Our company offers a unique advantage in the property management industry thanks to our collective of real estate analysts and mortgage division veterans. By combining resources, we are able to place a high degree of emphasis on asset management, using sophisticated techniques to determine the value and stabilization value of each property we manage. We also conduct thorough rent analysis forecasting and tenant financials and screenings to ensure the financial health of our properties. 

In addition, our extensive network of local connections built over 30 years means we can stave off rising costs by connecting with trusted contractors and service staff. Our team is fluent in English, Spanish, and Korean, allowing us to oversee and maintain properties in diverse markets. 

We pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service skills, as we frequently interact with tenants, contractors, and service staff. Our team is committed to ensuring that every property we manage is well-maintained, profitable, and a source of pride for both our clients and ourselves.

What we do for you

  • Look after and manage all properties under our jurisdiction

  • Ensure all necessary maintenance needs are effectively taken care of

  • Hire and contract personnel to repair or replace broken items or infrastructure

  • Check contractor work and ensure it is up to standard

  • Engage in beautification projects to enhance the look and asset value

  • Check-in with property guests to assure positive guest relations

  • Immediately attend to tenant questions and concerns

  • Deal with complaints in a calm and professional manner

  • Interact directly with potential tenants, showing properties and explaining lease agreements

  • Track and maintain lease agreements and contracts

  • Create strategic business plans for the property, ensuring adherence to budget

  • Track, organize and maintain budgetary files and financial information

  • Ensure bills and invoices are paid on time

  • Help determine rental rates

  • Assist in formation of property rules and regulations and ensure they are followed

  • Manage and supervise staff employees

  • Collect and deposit rent payments

  • Analyze property performance and create marketing initiatives to increase occupancy

  • Follow all anti-discrimination laws, local property, and real estate regulations